What began as a real estate development firm serving the US Federal Government and Medical tenants has morphed into a large portfolio of public and private companies.

In 2004, after having moved to San Diego, California from Ottawa, Canada, Jon Isaac continued the family legacy by developing various commercial real estate projects. Isaac’s tenants included the US Federal Government, Davita Dialysis, Northside Hospital, 99 Cents Only Stores, and others. By 2008, after several successful real estate deals, Mr. Isaac shifted his investment strategy and began funding public companies affected by the great recession and in need of capital. Mr. Isaac quickly shifted his business model yet again when he found even greater opportunity in buying companies in their entirety rather than investing in short-term debt and equity instruments, and as such, sought to take control of a Nasdaq publicly traded company for the purpose of creating a holding company of companies.

In 2011 Mr. Isaac, through Isaac Capital Group, acquired a large stake in Live Ventures Incorporated, NASDAQ publicly traded company then known as LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVE)

At the time, the company was in near bankruptcy and was facing a NASDAQ delisting action by the exchange. Mr. Isaac became the CEO of LiveDeal Inc. in 2012, with the goal to rebuild the company. The company was then transformed and restructured into a diversified holding company and renamed as Live Ventures, with the sole mission of delivering shareholder value through the acquisition of profitable, stable and growing companies. What was once losing $5 Million annually before Isaac Capital Group’s take over, recently reported nearly $18 Million in net profit in its fiscal year ended 2016 and total assets of over $120 Million as of December 31, 2016. Live Ventures employs approximately 1,200 across the United States, up from 11 employees before the take over. Isaac Capital Group, is the largest stockholder in Live Ventures Incoroporated, owning approximately 40% of the company.

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