The Isaac Organization is a private investment firm which revels in proven global success.

Isaac Organization is an International private investment firm based in San Diego, California, with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Ottawa, Canada. The firm makes highly-selective long-term investments in companies with strong management. Our investments range from a variety of industries and focuses on creating value through growth and superior performance. Our comprehensive approach to due diligence execution, research and market analysis, and Identifying Unique Opportunities, has allowed expansive growth and development.

Isaac Capital Group is the largest shareholder in Live Ventures Incorporated, a NASDAQ publicly traded company formerly known as LiveDeal, Inc.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, Live Ventures Incorporated was saved from delisting by activist investor Jon Isaac after he took action to shore up the balance sheet with an investment. Jon Isaac became the CEO of LiveDeal Inc. in 2012, with the goal to restructure and rebuild the company. LiveDeal Inc. was subsequently restructured and rebranded as Live Ventures Incorporated in 2015 with a sole mission to deliver shareholder value through the acquisition of profitable and growing companies only. Live Ventures distinguishes itself from competitors by its rigorous business model, extensive deal sourcing process and disciplined investment criteria.


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